What to Pack in Your Backpacking Trip

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For a hiking trip, supplies are needed no matter which corner of the earth you go to. Make sure that these items are on your checklist before your next trip.Backpacking Gear


Bring water bottles with a screw on drinking filter to refill and purify water. Also chlorine dioxide pills make sure that the water can be purified.

Medical Kit:

  • Always: small packets of Benedryl, Imodium and Ibuprofen, 6 sterile gauze bandages, a few band-aids, 1 ounce bottle of Purell, 1 pair latex gloves, a tick key, and 10 extra chlorine dioxide tablets for purifying water (2 day supply), 1 ounce tube of zinc oxide, and two safety pins

Also soap isn’t a bad idea.

Naviagtion Supplies:

Bring a map, a compass, and a watch at least, if you have extra room, you could bring a GPS system, but don’t count on it.

Tent with necessary ties to keep it down.

Swiss Army Knife is a handy tool to have in the wilderness for a variety of situations involving cutting branches or string, or being able to wittle wood.

Firestarter: Lighter or matches

Shelter: Either a tent, tarp, or emergency blanket.

Food: For every day worth of hiking and exercising in the great outdoors, yo should pack a pound and a half of food per day. Personally protein bars don’t take up much space and they fill you up.


Either a headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries.




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