Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

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Every year we are blessed with a new beginning and a new opportunity to make the most of the next 365 days. Seasons can come and go, but the memories and adventures stick with you forever. We remember the experiences we form with the people and places around us. Here’s the ultimate list for 2017.

Rafting down the Amazon (Ecuador

A three day excursion combines jungle hikes with a world class Amazon river rafting adventure that runs through two of Ecuador’s very best one-day river runs. The Jatunyacu is a classic descent through breathtaking jungle scenery with Kichwa Indian families settled along its shores.

This descent is followed by a combined stretch of the Jondachi and Hollin rivers which are Ecuador’s newest and most exciting run. The Jondachi – Hollin cuts through a remote and pristine jungle canyon filled with crystal clear waterfalls. After your exciting days of jungle adventures, relax in a quality jungle lodge among the serenading rainforest creatures. It goes for $665 and up.

Fear Factor 4.5/5                               Cost $$$

Climb Mount Hua (China)

Benoit Cappronnier

For over a millennium, people have traveled the trail up Mount Hua. It’s home to ancient Taoist temples and was the home to Buddhist and Taoist hermits throughout history. Work your way up the 2,154 meter peak by walking along the railings as you dangle alongside the precipice of the cliff face. From the top you can often overlook the clouds.

This is one of the most dangerous hikes in the world, if it seems to mundane, try doing it at night. The bus out only costs CNY22 per person with the admission fee for the mountain is CNY 180 from March to November and CNY 100 from December to February. That comes out to a total of under $30 US dollars.

Fear Factor 5/5                               Cost $

World’s Longest Zipline (Puerto Rico)


Image result for el monstruo zipline


Unlike gliding in a wingsuit, this doesn’t take skill. Just courage. The new thrill ride is 7,234 feet long, or 28 football fields, and about 1,200 feet high. Fly down at up to 95 mph. Take in the amazing views and scenery as you fly like a bird over the rainforest. It will take your breath away. Literally.

Fear Factor 4/5                               Cost $$

Camp Under the Northern Lights (Ireland)

Lit up in a surreal fashion of ever-changing shapes and colors, take in the views that compose a celestial ballet. The Northern lights also referred to asaurora borealis are visible from September through March on starry nights. The views are truly indescribable and are free. (excluding airfare)

Fear Factor .5/5                               Cost $

Running of the Bulls (Spain)

Related imageThe iconic running of the bulls. It has stood the test of time and has been a staple of adrenaline junkies for almost a century. If you can’t grab life by the horns when you go, take heart. The running of the bulls takes place 7 days every year during the nine day festival between July 6th to July 14th.

The length of the run is 875 meters (957 yards). It goes through four streets of the old part of the city (Santo Domingo, Ayuntamiento, Mercaderes and Estafeta) via the Town Hall Square and the short section “Telefónica” just before entering into the bullring through its callejón (tunnel) The rules to enter are

a. run the same way as the bulls

b. are at least 18 years old

c. aren’t under the influence of alcohol

The encierro begins with runners singing a benediction. It is sung three times, each time being sung both in Spanish and Basque. Then a prayer is recited by all in front of the the statue of Saint Fermin in a blessing of protection. Show up in white and red, and enjoy a party before, during, and after.


Fear Factor 4.5/5                               Cost $

Hike Angel’s Landing (Utah)

Image result for angels landing hike

Say a prayer before hiking up to the top of Angel’s Landing due to the 1,500 foot sheer drop on each side of the trail. This was one of the craziest experiences of my life. It’s less than a 5 mile hike in total, but it offers plenty of increase in elevation. They say it’s called Angel’s Landing due to the unbelievable beauty.

In addition check out all the rest that Zion National Park has to offer including: trekking and camping in the stream-filled canyons of the Narrows, to the scenic drives, and the nice hikes.

Fear Factor 4/5                               Cost $

WingSuit Flying (Switzerland)

For the extreme sports addict, this is considered the pinnacle of adrenaline junkie action. Fly through the air like Superman experience the fastest way off a mountain gliding over the trees and landscape. It harnesses all the forces of the air to create thrust glide and everything else you should have paid attention to in Physics class. WingSuit Flying is not a hobby, but a way of life. The goods news is that these suits can often be found for under $1,200. The bad news is that you need a minimum of over 200 jumps skydiving before you’re legally allowed to purchase one. Trust me, I’ve looked into it.

Fear Factor 5/5                               Cost $$$

Downhill Skate Beartooth Canyon (Montana)

Image result for beartooth canyon skate

This 21 mile stretch is one of the best downhill rides in the country. The roads slope gets up to grades of 20% and there are over tons of sharp turns. Try to go early in the morning to avoid traffic.Experience hairpin turn and unmatched downhill speed in Beartooth Canyon. Traverse your way through the canyon with the wind flying past you. Seldom are downhill skate spots so famous or phenomenal.

Fear Factor 4/5                               Cost $

Walking on the Edge (Toronto)

Image result for edgewalk canada

Live life on the edge at the CN Tower in Toronto, a 609m (1,997ft) communications tower which is home to the world’s highest full-circle, hands-free observation experience. Participants are attached to a harness via an overhead rail, which stops them falling onto the street below.

Fear Factor 3/5                               Cost $$

Volcano Boarding (Nicaragua)

If you’re not getting enough thrills snowboarding, surfing, or skating; volcano boarding is the sport for you. Thousands of people have flocked to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain to shred down 2,380 feet at speeds upwards of 50 mph. Try not to get too banged up on the metamorphic rock or fall in the volcano. By the way the volcano last erupted in 1999. $30 including $5 entrance fee to the park

Fear Factor 4.5/5                               Cost $

Climb HalfDome (California)

Yosemite tops the list of America’s must see national parks. Climb to the top of HalfDome to overview the Yosemite Valley floor It features the awesome 8.5 mile each way route past waterfalls, cliff faces to the picturesque top 4,737 feet above the ground but you need to book reservations for this months in advance. Check out Yosemite Falls which is 2,424 feet and is the tallest waterfall in North America where the water runs the most during spring. The Tuolomne Meadows offers countless species of plants and animals, making it the best place to have a picnic. The earlier you try to book camping, the more success you will most likely have. Be on the lookout for bears, deer, foxes and fish.

In addition to the family hikes and sites, there are some of the world class rock climbs located in Yosemite Valley including El Capitan and Half Dome. Generally hikes aren’t considered to be that intensive or enthralling for adrenaline seekers, but the sites and climbs even on well traveled routes such as the Mist Trail consisting of hundreds of stairs ascending past two monstrous waterfalls is mesmerizing. The paved roads will get you throughout the whole valley which is the designated bike riding paths; bring your camera.

Fear Factor 2/5                               Cost $$

Aerobatic Plane Flying (Las Vegas)

Fly an aerobatic plane in Las Vegas

Learn to fly through the sky from certified pilots. The pilot will demonstrate barrel rolls, loops, and hammerheads. Then you get to try your hand in the air. Live out your Top Gun dreams with your heads in the clouds. You can also get to run low level attacks to maximize the experience depending on the package. You better start saving now for Sky Combat Ace.

Fear Factor 5/5                               Cost $$$

Bungee Jumping (Switzerland)

Image result for verzasca dam bungee

The jump is 220 meters high off the Verzasca Dam. Jump facing forwards, backwards, or even into the night. This was featured in the 007 feature film Golden Eye. Travel at speeds faster than 100 mph in a sheer free fall. It is the third highest jump around.

Fear Factor 4.5/5                               Cost $$$

Bull Riding

Image result for bull riding

I’d never even watched bull riding on TV before and for a mere $15 and signing my life away through waivers (jk sort of) I rode a bull named Grave Digger that night. If you survive, it’s cheap and no one can take it away from you. Bullriding: 7 and 10 p.m. Wednesday and 8-11 p.m. Friday. Hours: 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday; 10 a.m.-1 a.m. Wednesday-Thursday and 10 a.m.-2 a.m. Friday-Saturday. Check it out at http://buffalochipsaloon.com/

Fear Factor 4.5/5                               Cost $

Rock Climbing Acadia National Park (Maine)


Climb the cliffs that literally hang over the water below. With over 300 granite routes, over half the routes are traditional while the rest are primarily composed of top rope routes. This is the place where the sun first touches the US in the morning. Overlook the grand ocean views as well as take part in ocean kayaking ideally in the summer. There are also ample opportunities for bouldering and sport routes.

Fear Factor 4.5/5                               Cost $$




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