Two GoPros Later

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As a young and naive lad, I bought my first GoPro during the summer to take it cliff jumping. Opening the box in the car felt like Christmas morning; my whole life I had pocketing a few dollars from my checks and that glorious day my life was coming together. The day started off gloriously as we jumped from various jumps, swings and slides with the GoPro working out marvelously as the waterproof case and handle ensured proper grip. However, there is a distance between being waterproof and buoyancy I soon learned as the jump caused it to lose my grip on it as it sank to the bottom as did my hopes and dreams. Trying to get it back, I almost drowned despite not being able to touch the bottom in the black abyss.

Having learned my lesson, on Black Friday a year later I bought another one, and vowed to never make the same mistakes. I got a buoyant handle and it worked great for the whole time. I used it to do everything from cliff jumping, to mountain biking, to rock climbing. Every time cliff jumping I had no problems and the buoyant handle work really well even on jumps up to 80 feet. So one day I decided to go back to the same spot where I had lost the last one confident I would be okay. The day started well doing a variety of jumps even up to a 60 footer. So when jumping from 50 feet, I thought nothing of it. Hitting the water and sinking to the bottom felt like a clean dive besides my handle feeling a little bit lighter. When I emerged to the surface, I noticed that while I was still holding the handle, my GoPro had cracked off of the top. With that screw and plastic still being attached to the case, I again worked tirelessly to reach the bottom with no success. Upon calling Gopro they informed me that the warranty I had only would come into effect if they could show the damage to the GoPro. Too bad it was sitting at the bottom of a lake, so I have not nor will I buy one in the near future because the GoPros can’t hang and I got scammed.




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