Things to Know Before Rock Climbing

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It’s all fun and games til you’re dangling 45 feet above the ground with no idea what you’re doing with your hands occupied so you can’t look up these tips in your time of need. So look at these now before it’s too late.

rock climbing!

  1. Learn the Ropes: Figure out all the knots before climbing for best results. Knots include tying a figure eight and a fishermen’s knot.
  1. See your route before ascending. It’s difficult to visualize the route and perspective once you are on the route. Looking at it before hand can help you know what route is needed to get you to the summit.
  1. Bent Legs and Straight Arms: Having bent knees gives you more flexibility to maneuver your legs. But keep your arms straight (carrying anything heavy is always less strain when carrying anything to have it hang down with your arms straight than trying to curl it right?)
  1. Have proper shoes as in not wearing hiking boots. Shoes that offer grip flexibility are best because they will give you traction on the climb and more form fitting the more they are adjusted to your foot.


  1. When people question whether or not they are strong enough, you most likely are if instead of depending on pulling up with your arms, push up with your legs. Also work on your core before climbing. Sure your back arms and shoulders will all get tired you also have to have a strong core for some of the nifty maneuvers.
  1. Learn the Language: By knowing all the terms, you will be able to have open communication with any other climbers.
  1. Being nervous of falling or of heights in general is nothing to be ashamed of. Instincts like that have helped to keep mankind alive for a millennia, but trust in your ropes and/or your belayer.





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