Surf Faster and Surf More

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Everyone wants to be able to surf faster. The faster you go, the more exhilarating the ride and the more you can feel the wind fly past you and you just might be able to make that extra cut you couldn’t before. Below are some tips to be able to help you garner that extra ounce of speed.


Flat is Fast

The shape of the board influences the ride. The flatter your board helps to influence the ride and pick up speed once you at the bottom of the wave where a more rounded board more pushes water down than allows it to be able to glide over it. A more flat board helps make the board more aerodynamic allowing for the ride to be that much faster.

quad fin board

Quad Fin Set Up

While a board with a 3 fin set up offers more control in directionality and turning, however, it does cause more drag with the fin in the back reducing the amount of speed that it can accrue. The quad fin board has a set up where isn’t set up in a diamond formation but instead like half a stop sign so it the water does not get caught up in the back fin and the board doesn’t lose speed as it continues to shred through turns.

Clean Your Bottom

The bottom of your board is kind of like your ass. It just isn’t the same if it isn’t clean. Wiping your board’s bottom with clear wax eradicates anything not supposed to be attached to your board. This primarily consists of salt, sand, or even dirt that can be attached to it. Keeping it clean makes sure that the ride won’t be bogged down while creating a smooth ride.

Fin design

A fin’s sweep is the degree to which the tip extends beyond the fin’s base. Fins with a large sweep will propel the board faster and remain fairly stable, but you sacrifice some turning ability. Fins with a smaller sweep give the surfboard a tighter turning radius, but don’t offer as much stability. A more rigid fin will also offer more speed. Be careful not to go too rigid, or you will have trouble turning.




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