Shredded for Surfing

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Obviously the best workout you can do to be you in surfing shape is to get out there and ride. However, sometimes if you’re landlocked in places like Arizona, all hope is not lost for the next time you get to make your way out of hell. This swim routine will raise your fitness and endurance game up to a whole other level.


The first workout is mainly to get you too develop get you acclimated to swimming again. First start off with a 400 meter swim to get you loose and ready. This shouldn’t push it to hard as the objective is just to get warmed up. Then do 10 rounds of 25 meter sprints as fast as you can. Next do 5 rounds of 100 meter swims with a 30 second rest in between each. Your last hard push will be 7 rounds of 50 meter swims where you put whatever you have left into this while having a 20 second rest period between sets. Finally just cool down with a 100 swim.


Another workout I do is to start with a 400 meter warmup then do 50 meter sprints for a solid half hour The key is to maintain a fast pace throughout the entire duration. Between each 50 meter swim, give yourself a 20 second rest or start every minute on the dot to hold yourself accountable. (the 50 meters takes close to 40 seconds usually)At the end when you are exhausted, push hard for another 7-10 sets as this is whhen all the results come maximized building that muscle memory as your are pushing through the exhaustion.

Please feel free to list your favorite swim workouts in the comment section below!




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