Offroading Arizona

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If you are a fan of Mad Max or merely just living through the perilous desert that is Arizona, check out some of these spots for your own entertainment.

Broken Arrow

This is THE 4WD trail of Sedona. Right in the heart of the Red Rock of Sedona, the trail is short, scenic, and sort of testing. Some of the clearance will disconcert people in stock cars. Traction is great as long as it’s dry. You will see sights such as Devil’s Dining Room, Chicken Point and Submarine Rock. We STRONGLY recommend you ride this. It does require a permit from any ranger station or Circle K’s in Sedona or Oak Creek.
  • 34.84552, -111.75699

Chiva Falls

Save room for 4-6 hours of demanding 4WD. The best time to visit is right after a monsoon where the 75-foot waterfall in the midst of the desert awaits. It is a mix of packed dirt, large rocks imbedded in the road and loose rock on top of the road. Also you could ride a bike on this where single-track breaks off right around the 2nd mile.
  • 32.28112, -110.63366


Council Rocks

The trail is easy enough for even 2WD vehicles. Located adjacent to the Dragoon Mountains, this gives rise to the opportunity to see some sweet rock formations and rugged beauty. Probably allow time for at least a couple hours. Go anytime besides summer. If you are taking this trail in a 4WD looking for a challenge, you’re going to have a bad time. You can access it from either side of the mountain.

  • 31.90968, -110.04096

Ehrenberg Sand Bowl

Ehrenberg Sand Bowl is a popular area for OHV recreation. It includes sandy terrain, hills, and many dirt roads and trails. This area provides a starting point for visitors to explore a variety of designated roads and trails. Facilities include a restroom, a shaded area, and picnic table. Open camping is allowed nearby. The fee is $5 daily per vehicle or $50 annually per vehicle, for up to 5 people per vehicle. There is a $1 per person fee charged for each person over the 5 person limit. Use is limited to day use only, 6am to 10pm.
Location: Ehrenberg, AZ
Terrain: Sand Dune, Hills, Desert OHV Trails
OHVs: ATV’s, UTV’s, Dirt Bikes
Best Time of Year to Ride: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • 33.59487, -114.52107

Shea Pit & Osborn Wash

Located east of Parker, AZ and is home the Best in the Desert Off-Road Series – Parker 425 & 250 Desert Race. The Parker Desert Races includes different pro classes including dirt bike, ATV’s, UTV’s and Trophy Trucks. Osborn Wash is adjacent and to the south of the Spectator Area. This destinations offers excellent OHV riding and camping opportunities. The best time of year to ride here is in the spring, fall and winter seasons, due to the low desert climate. For more info contact the BLM, Lake Havasu Field Office at (928) 505-1200.

Location: Parker, AZ
Terrain: Desert, Two Track Trails, Dirt Roads
OHVs: ATV’s, UTV’s, Dirt Bikes, 4×4′s
Best time of year to ride: Fall, Winter, Spring

  • 34.14716, -114.19439

Swansea Townsite

Swansea Townsite is located 30 miles east of Parker, AZ. This is a low desert area that allows all types of OHVs. You can also tour the historic mining town. The trails are mostly dirt roads with some sand washes and rocky sections. This destination would be a great day trip for the adventure/historical landmark adventurist. It includes picnic areas, facilities, and camping.
Terrain: Desert, Dirt Roads, Trails
OHVs: ATV, UTV, dirt bike, 4 wheel drive
Best time of year to ride: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • 34.17164, -113.84175

Workman Creek Falls

This trail can be done in a 2WD vehicle. The trail is short and leads to a waterfall. You can continue past the lower falls recreation area, but it gets steep and narrow. The stream gets stocked twice a year with trout.
  • 33.84669, -110.9681


Box Canyon

This moderate 4WD trail maneuvers its way through a narrow slot canyon. In east Florence, gives access to tons of other great trails like Martinez Mine. The sheer stretching red rock cliffs are not something to be missed.
  • 33.05991, -111.37907

Martinez Mine

4.5 miles each way, this 4WD trail should not be attempted unless you have skills and a great 4WD vehicle. You will drive right past the ruins of the Martinez Mines. This is an extension of the Box Canyon Trail. Boulder Garden is what tests your vehicle.
  • 33.05996, -111.37924





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