15 Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

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Need another reason to go mountain biking? Here’s 15.

Raises Heart Health

Mountain biking increases the speed that blood flows through your system pumping oxygen through your body more efficiently lowering your overall heart rate. Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to produce the same results. This lowers your chance of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. According to the British Heart Foundation, 10,000 heart attacks could be avoided each year with a little more exercise.

Fights Aging

This builds off creating better heart health. As the blood more quickly and effectively travels through your body, it raises your circulation. By replenishing more oxygen and nutrients to all your cells it also eradicates toxins faster it increases collagen production. This chemical is important for the healing process and stopping wrinkling. Now you not only feel good, you look good too.

Deeper Sleep

Tired of not getting enough sleep? The physical exertion from riding dissuades the chemical cortisol in your body, which is a stress chemical and is in part responsible for preventing deep sleep. Personally a great ride provides more energy than a cup of coffee.

Decreases Chance of Disease

According to a study conducted by European Journal of Epidemiology, women who bike 3 hours a week reduce the risk of breast cancer. Another study by University of North Carolina found that biking 3 hours a week statistically cut the number of sick days used in half per year.

Increases Muscle Tone

The muscles you engage are your calves, thighs, abs, glutes, and hips. The longer and faster you go results in building lean defined muscle and build muscle endurance meaning you will be able to functionally use your muscles for longer. High gears or steep hills more fully engage muscles. While it won’t completely replace squats, it sure does help. For extra muscle development, when riding up hills, pedal standing up.

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Literally makes you Happy

Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation states, “Any mild to moderate exercise releases the natural feel good endorphins that help make you happy.” By engaging in exercise such as mountain biking,you release endorphins which gives you a boost. People pay General Practitioners for help who in increasing numbers prescribe exercise therapy, or beat the don’t pay as we’ll gibe you this advice for free.

Burns Calories

Biking at a brisk pace for burn over 150 calories in less than 20 minutes. With that merely being the average if you add some speed, you will lose some pounds in no time.

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Improves Coordination

Cycling on a flat paved road is where the saying “it’s just like riding a bike” comes from. Mountain biking provides ever changing roads, routes and conditions that your body has to constantly adjust to. Riding over the various bumps, dips, hills, drops, and turns forces takes balance which improves over time. While improved balance may not seem that beneficial, it translates well into your everyday life because who wants to trip or slip am I right? That guy is a moron.

Improves Immune System

White blood cells increase in count with increased exposure to the sun. The lymphocytes help to keep the body fight off infections and envelop existing ones.

Increase Lung Capacity

When riding a bike, your lungs have to work 10 times harder than when you are sitting in front of a couch. Over time, you can increase your lung capacity by 20% by riding a bike.

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Builds a Better Brain

University of Pittsburgh study discovered that through mountain bike riding, people improved the memory capacity and performed nearly 20% better on memory tests as riding increased the size of the hippocampi. Additional studies find that mountain biking helps older adults to exhibit higher levels of cognitive functionality which should help to avoid degenerative processes such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Preserves Joints

While running and mountain biking both burn calories, mountain biking preserves your joints. Running provides constant stress on your joints with each jolting step further causing impact inherently reducing risk of injury. Biking provides a smooth pedal where the motion only revolves in fluid circles. If you are still recovering from a sprained joint, ligament or tendon, mountain biking provides a style where you can start to get back in shape.



Explore New Places

Travel farther and faster through the great outdoors on these off road trails as you continue to ride through nature. There are incredible places to travel and visit to such as The Best Mountain Biking of Arizona.

It’s Fun.

Seriously try it.

Enjoy Time with Family and Friends

Unlike some activities, you don’t need to be in incredible shape to start riding. Anyone at any age can pick it up and you can progress at your own pace. There are routes for everyone where you can bond besides sitting on the couch while improving your health.




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