Father’s Day: An Influence on Adventure

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We are shaped by those around us and none might have a greater impact than our dads. From a young age I was taught many lessons including the value of loving the Lord, a hard days work, and having a genuine love for nature. A love for nature is built upon incredible times and trips spent in the outdoors with those who love us.

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The difference between being “forced” to go outside and play and hating the dark because that means you’re stuck inside is based on a foundation of incredible times spent in nature. Every year we would camp in amazing places all over seeing some of the most pristine spots in the country.8

While it might be much easier when working to just sit and relax by a pool with a beer, instead we were out swimming across lakes, wandering lost in caves with burnt out lights, or hiking through the redwoods. Instead of sitting and sleeping in a nice air conditioned room, we were either in tents or pulled over sleeping on top of camping stoves and firewood. But the easy things don’t always produce the best things or the best views.


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Only after experiencing the outdoors firsthand can you really appreciate it for all its worth. Only by embarking on adventures can you appreciate them and want to go again and again. It is through all the trips and time spent outdoors that I have cultivated a great love for the outdoors and spending time with family and friends on unbelievable trips. My dad taught me that life is too short to spend sitting on the couch, but to go out and make the most out of each day for those around you and for yourself. We don’t remember the times we are just on our phones or watching Netflix, but the times we go out and create awesome memories with our family and friends.IMG_0040

This Father’s Day thank them not only being there for you, but also for making you to be the person you are today.1933259_1504599359845211_3184277119059520077_o




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