Craziest Extreme Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

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We’ve all gone mountain biking or climbing at some point, but we guarantee you’ve never participated in any of these wild events.

Train Surfing

You would not have heard about train surfing because it is 100% illegal. While we cannot advise anyone to train surf, there are not anymore exhilarating ways to get from point A to B. Careful not to get caught or hurt as this has taken countless lives from people jumping or falling at such high speeds. The only thing better than being in nature is traveling at ridiculously high speeds.

Volcano Boarding


If you’re not getting enough thrills snowboarding, surfing, or skating; volcano boarding is the sport for you. Thousands of people have flocked to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain to shred down 2,380 feet at speeds upwards of 50 mph. Try not to get too banged up on the metamorphic rock or fall in the volcano. By the way the volcano last erupted in 1999.

$30 including $5 entrance fee to the park

Suspended Slacklining


The slacklining you see on your local campus pales in comparison to this. The stakes are as high as these people are off of the ground. The tension in the line can be changed to fit each person’s style individually. The record for the highest slackline was by Danny Menšík suspended over 600 meters off the ground and the line was over a kilometer in length.

Swim with Sharks

great-white-shark-stuck-in-cage-2 copy

Hang out with sharks if swimming with dolphins sounds a little too lame. Instad of getting close to a sharks that are in a cage, you’re the one in the cage.  The boat casts out a line of chain where you get lowered down on a line where you’re inside of a cage praying it holds up. The whole concept is honestly like you’re the bait on the end of a fishing pole.



Get pushed down a hill inside of the Zorb ball twisting and tumbling the whole way down. This is safe and fun for people of all ages. You sit within the middle ball between two other larger ones that provide a cushion better than a your $10,000 mountain bikes shocks. For a fun twist, put water on the inside to stay cool.



It’s a giant catapult where you are flung into the air arcing into a foam pit or pool. Sit on the seat, til you push the button. Then 60 liters of water propel your launch as you experience a jump so good even Michael Jordan would be envious. Yes, it’s not as adrenally stimulating as the next jumping into water on our list, but it is wayy better than a diving board.

Cliff Jumping


Cliff Jumping is starting to gain popularity with even the emergence of a Red Bull pro circuit. People jump from numerous heights doing flips and tricks as you leap off of the side of a cliff or other structure into the water below. Check out some of the best spots on our map or Best Southern California Cliff Jumping Spots.

Pogo Stilts

Imagine if everywhere you went was your own personal trampoline. Jump higher, run faster, and have more fun on pogo stilts than the classic moon shoes. The video above shows the community and highlights the moves better than I can explain.

WingSuit Flying

For the extreme sports addict, this is considered the pinnacle of adrenaline junkie action. Fly through the air like Superman experience the fastest way off a mountain gliding over the trees and landscape. It harnesses all the forces of the air to create thrust glide and everything else you should have paid attention to in Physics class. WingSuit Flying is not a hobby, but a way of life. The goods news is that these suits can often be found for under $1,200. The bad news is that you need a minimum of over 200 jumps skydiving before you’re legally allowed to purchase one. Trust me, I’ve looked into it.

Crocodile Jumping

Yes. It is bungee jumping with a pit of crocodiles at the bottom. Yes, the cord has snapped before but the lady was able to swim to shore even with her feet still tied up and managed to get away unscathed. If at first you don’t succeed, crocodile bungee jumping is not for you.






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