Cliff Jumping Tips

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Cliff Jumping is an exhilarating experience, but is an activity that must be ensured that it is done safely in order to be able to have the most fun while avoiding getting hurt. These are the safest tips you can have, where the first few are an absolute must, but hey who are we to tell you not to do a flip.


  1. Always go with Friends. The world is a strange place, and strange things can happen when you’re cliff jumping alone. Additionally people make it feasible to call for help and so you don’t have to carry yourself out if seriously injured.
  2. Check the Water Depth. Always check the water depth before jumping in. When the water is murky, you can never know if there is a protruding rock or log lurking just beneath the surface. Hitting such objects from a jump often breaks bones and hope it doesn’t leave someone paralyzed.
  3. Jump Feet First. This ensures that you will be able to land in the safest manner possible. Breaking the level of water tension with your feet is way better than trying to do it with your head.Consider the amount of pressure you feel on your feet when you hit the water, it’s just as bad if you break the tension with your head, except there’s this thing called brain damage. From a high height, it’s similar to hitting your head against a wall.
  4. Commit to the Jump. Once coming to the decision you are going to jump, YOU HAVE TO COMMIT, otherwise by not jumping all the way in and falling over the edge, you jeopardize yourself to hit the rocks below.
  5. Bring it In. Bring your arm and legs together before you make contact with the water. Otherwise the water tension could leave bruises if your arms smack hard enough. Also some people cover their nose to avoid water shooting up.
  6. Shoot your legs forward. when under the water put you legs out. Where the front part of you body is angled, the rest will follow when you’re under water. This is very helpful to avoid touching the bottom especially if the water is more shallow than it should be.
  7. Have fun.
  8. Take cool videos.




4 comments on “Cliff Jumping Tips”

  1. Breanna says:

    My cousin got broke his foot cliff diving. These tips help but it isn’t fool proof.

  2. Matthew barrera says:

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  3. Bardo says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful informatoin.

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