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The area below consists only of a small portion of our maps; by zooming out, you can see places the rest of our reviews and locations. Our categories are broken up into 3 distinct categories. Green means it's a Go for everyone and should be easy and fun. Yellow means it's a moderate degree of difficulty but most people will be fine. Red means it's Extreme and or a challenge and you better bring your A-game for these routes.

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California Cove Kids

34.30616906474764, -114.15236941538751

A nice little jump of multiple levels for all the kids out there. Jumps can range up to 15ish feet. The canyon as a whole though is worth checking out if you're spending time out on the lake.


California Cove

34.30586325869854, -114.15290055563673

This can be as extreme or easy as you like depending on how much you trust yourself in the climb up. Most people jump from roughly 25 feet here, but I have seen people jump upwards over 50 feet, but the climb is sketchy.


Devil’s Punchbowl

32.989634, -116.730636

There are a few different places to jump along the north side of the water. Some of the jumps go up to 25 feet. This is a 3-mile hike down; make sure that when there is a three-pronged split to continue on the middle route. Check the depth before jumping cuz I routinely touch the bottom, which is usually fine, but there are a few big rocks at the bottom. The waterfall is really cool and fun to rock climb up the side. Also there is part of a rope swing. The condition may have deteriorated by the time you read this. Mountain bikes is definitely the best way to travel this trail.


Red Rock

34.545936, -119.775812

This has a 88 foot jump where tons of people have gotten paralyzed from jumping this. Two Words. 88 Feet. Side note, this has other spots that are much more doable with a pedestrian 25 feet,


Aztec Falls

34.276604, -117.127408

Stating this upfront, the deepest it gets is only 10 feet in the center and gets shallower on the rest of the outside. The beach is a great spot to hang out and chill. The jumps range in size between 10-50 feet. It’s a 15 minute hike from the PCT.


Apache Lake

Apache Lake Marina & Resort 229.5 Mile Marker Roosevelt, AZ 85545

Natural waterslides are the main attraction. Additionally, there are also jumps up to 40 feet. Depending on the season, there may not be enough water. The dry season usually ends in October. A definite worthwhile trip from Phoenix for the day. I touched the bottom but the bottom was composed of just mud and not rocks and the water was fairly deep.


Beaver Falls

36.28150, -112.73930

Beaver Falls has a two-tiered waterfall, which can be slid down. The composition of the rigid cliff offers opportunities to jump from every few feet higher. Jumps can reach up to 65 feet high, but the water depth of the river is constantly changing based upon the seasons and conditions and the water levels. It is a hard 5 mile hike but there is a lake right next to it and waterfalls alongside it. Located on the same trail as Mooney Falls.


Mooney Falls

36.28150, 112.73930

Highlighted by a huge waterfall, only worth going to check out Mooney Falls if also Beaver Falls in the same day. About a mile away from Havasu Falls and on the same trail as Beaver Falls.


Havasupai Falls

36.255105, -112.697954

The main area is roughly 20 feet off the waterfall. It is an arduous process to get there. Tons of people have gotten hurt here, but it if the water level is high enough it can be jumped. There used to be a rope swing. Obviously, all three of these are accompanied in the same trip as you are going over 10 miles each way. Honestly, the most beautiful place in AZ. You must book a night though or you will get fined by the Indian reservation.


Fossil Creek

34.414584, -111.605450

The waterfall is about 25 feet and the highest part of the cliff to jump off of is roughly 25 feet. The trail directly goes to waterfall and is about 1.2 miles. The best place to jump is adjacent to the waterfall where the water should be deep enough all year round. No paid parking but it does fill up quick. There are multiple tiers that can be jumped off including a rock formation that is at least 7 feet higher.


Lake Powell

37.069332, -111.239341

Lake Powell is the cliff-jumping destination with cliffs everywhere from 10 to 100+ feet. With a boat, the lake is a playground. The platforms are essentially flat so its less easy to slip doing flips and what not. A definite must if you are able. There are so many great options when you have a boat, I’m not gonna limit you, just find a way up.


Lake Pleasant

33.885464, -112.282545

Some jumps up over 50 feet. One guy jumped over 100 feet however, some people have died at that height and it is not advisable. The deepest water level points are by Scorpion Bay, Vista Bay, Beismeyer Point, Two Cow Point Cove, Desert Tortoise, and the Spillway. This is the closest cliff jumping location from Phoenix. Check water level before you jump as the water levels have subsided recently.


Tonto Creek Narrows

34.136898, -111.280245

Narrows Following the trail from the parking lot will lead to the cliffs and the swimming hole. Jumps are no larger than 30 feet but most are closer to 15 feet. *Access to the swimming area has been “closed” technically.


Matilijia Falls


A 5 mile hike to 15- 50 jumps. Make sure to check out the spot above the falls via the rope for the best jumping. Be careful if you are going right after rain because debris can cause the depth to become shallower. The dam is going to be removed at some point so enjoy it while it lasts!


Matilija Dam (Ojai)


The concrete slab offers jumps between 20 and 50 feet but is technically illegal to jump but not to swim sooo keep make of that what you want. The good news is nobody hits the bottom. Just make sure not to park where it says no parking and you should be fine but probably not get fined. The water warms up the most during summer. It is a 5 mile hike to the falls. Can be shallow after rain with debris flooding


Sunset Cliffs

1253 Sunset Cliffs Blvd San Diego, CA 92107

Sunset Cliffs is about a 20 foot jump into the ocean. The La Jolla jump is technically illegal now and there is the possibility of ticket citations.


Hermit Falls

34.196224, -118.022617

There are a couple different jumps roughly either 40 feet right next to a waterfall or 15 feet in a pool that is slightly above it . Make sure to check water depth before jumping. The hike is a couple miles downhill from the parking lot and is $5. Summer is the best time to visit


Rindge Dam


In my opinion the best and most diverse cliff jumping in CA. multiple levels to jump ranging from 15 to 75 feet. The flat concrete ledge is roughly 25 feet high. Rindge Dam includes a natural slide running down from the dam with a 20 foot drop. There is no delegated parking. The closest parking is $10 and roughly a mile and a half before the difficult trek down to the bottom of the dam. The descent starts on the opposite side of the road near a turn in the road. This offers a waterfall, a waterslide, a protruding concrete platform and natural ledges that from a variety of heights. This has the greatest variety of jumps and is probably the best place you will go to.


Saguaro Lake

33.57409, -111.52238

Find your way to Ship Rock and you'll be pleasantly surprised. You're diving off cliffs into about 80 feet of water. I would love some tips about finding trails that lead to cliffs at Lake Saguaro. I jumped off the 45-foot cliff on the north side of the lake (about a 20 minute hike from the restaurant) in October... however, I heard that there is an 80 foot cliff on the south side (about an hour hike from the restaurant and boat dock). Park in parking lot. Additionally, along the path at Butchers Jones, there are spots along the cliff up to 70 feet high. Check water level depending on time of year.


Toilet Bowl

34.421, -111.57602

Down 5 miles into the heart of the canyon, there is a waterfall that splits off into two distinct ways, the first is your standard waterfall roughly 15 feet. The other split leads into this vortex of spinning water simulating a tornado. When you jump in, it will spin you around, there is a small rope to assist climbing in or out. Or, people attempt to swim under the small crack under water, but the spinning motion in the water makes it difficult to navigate through the small crack. There is a cave that that goes back like 15 yards where you can climb up on the sides. The water is exotic blue. Additionally, you can jump a couple other places near the island the cave and river split by the island/boulder.


Nelson's Landing

35.705158, -114.707522

This is a very safe spot for jumping, the jumps are only get up to a little over 15 feet and there isn't much overhang below meaning you don't even have to jump out far. The area is littered with trash. Keep it classy people.


Lake Mead

36.092398338557686, -114.7937285900116

Along the edge of Lake Mead spans cliffs that vary in height. However, as the water levels have hit an unprecedented low in the past few years, we do not have sufficient data to say which spots are still best. There are 9 different access points to the lake. Jump at your own risk.


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