California Surfing

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trestles surf

Land of the Free and home of the Waves. The ratings associated with surf spots is tough to do as they vary day by day, however, this is merely just saying how they are generally being regarded. From some waves to absolutely no waves, this is completely different than just about any other discipline that has will not change so drastically incessantly.



Its included on the ASP tour on the so you know the waves are good. It gets busy and is a rocky reef where waves break right. Located in San Clemente it could be argued that it should be split up into various sections. Upper Trestles

This busy spot has better longer and more waves than lower Trestles. It does get crowded and the waves break right. The bottom is sand and rock. Can be ridden on any board. Paddling out is rough Bottom Line: Solid Waves. Type of Wave= Point Break. Lowers This is lower trestles and generally houses the best waves of Trestles. The waves are rad but there isn’t too much space so there are a lot of people vying for the same wave. It breaks both left and right and but the waves. Don’t go unless you got skills otherwise the people who have been doing it a while will be mad if you cut them off/suck.

Mavericks Surfer


One of the most intense rides on the planet during the winter. The waves are astoundingly huge. This is not recommended for beginners, to put it in perspective, the best from all corners of the world come to test their limits here. This is a right point break where the waves are incredible and the water is cold. Locals do not take kindly to howly’s coming in and getting themselves hurt. The paddle out is extremely strenuous and far as in roughly 2 miles. Waves have been seen as big as 80 feet but often can reach heights of 25 feet.


Blacks Beach

Home to some of the best waves in San Diego, the waves here rock. Breaking left and right, these quick to break, fast waves are consistent and are awesome if you have skills. Blacks Beach consists of San Diego’s strongest waves. Winter is usually the best season for the waves. Watch out for the naked old dudes though cuz this is a nudist beach. The hike down from the top of the cliffs is a long walk and can be tumultuous for some and the waves tend to get crowded on weekends.



The Queen of the Coast offers a ride of a lifetime. When it breaks, it offers the best waves in California to where they are tall sharp steep right-handed waves. As they don’t occur often, when they do it gets crazy crowded. Between La Conchita and Carpinteria off the 101 and park is open between 6 am to 9pm. It is ranked as one of the top spots for surfing in the world. The best waves tend to occur during the winter months when swells come from west to northwest.


The Wedge

Prepare to take a beating. These powerful waves can get up to 20 feet! The Wedge’s appeal is the chance to get the chance to get pitted on such a consistent basis. It has a crazy beach break is really rough to surf with how close to shore it gets while you get slammed into the ground. The biggest waves usually happen in late summer and early fall. Paddling out is easy though because it’s breaking so close to shore. People often get slammed down into the sand because the waves are insanely powerful and break insanely close to shore. Waves often experience a strong backwash where after the crash of the wave it sucks people back into the backwash.

hunington surfing

Huntington Beach

US Open. For further details, it has quite a few different places where waves break. Depending on the wave conditions, this can either make it able for any skill level to ride or more just advanced people. Waves aren’t always consistent but are awesome when they’re on. Can be surfed on any board. Expect crowds.



This will be crowded because of the quality of waves. Some of the longest waves in SoCal. There is a prime right point-break. The wave does break kind of small and short so if you can bring a longboard, it can handle either however. Everyone is fighting for the same wave so bring you’re A-game. Described as the original perfect wave.” Also Malibu is ranked as the seventh best surf town so you know the culture is prime.






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