Building a Fire

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photo-1418837013843-a7c16e2854a3Fire is one of the greatest accomplishments that mankind has discovered and it has been around for millennia. It matters not only lighting the fire but how to maintain the fire as well.pexels-photo-93858

  1. If you have a lighter or matches, read no further as you’re set.
  2. Find a flat space that is away from the wind and where the surface underneath is just dirt.
  3. Gather tinder which will catch fire easily including: dead dry plants and grasses, wax, lint, cloth, moss, wood shavings, paper, pine pitch, dry needles (of a tree obviously), and dry leaves.
  4. Gather kindling. While the tinder will give the fire it’s initial spark, the kindling is what will cause the fire to stay lit, which is primarily composed of small pieces of wood, twigs, cardboard or anything you can get your hands on.
  5. Gather branches to be able to keep it going. Using dry wood will provide a better and less smoky burn.
  6. Build a ring of rocks. This will insulate the fire and reflect the heat back into the fire without letting any fire escape. Also dig down several inches to potect the fire from gusts of wind.

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Hand-drill method

Find a fireboard. A fireboard will be at least an inch thick that doesn’t have any sap and will be light and soft enough to easily dent with your thumbnail without gouging.

Find a long stick and rub it between your hands in the spot where the fireboard is indented with tinder underneath in the indent til it lights. This is a long process and you don’t need any special materials or tools for it.

Flint and Steel

Find this survival kit gear at any store, or find a gray stone with smooth texture or quartz and strike it against iron or your knife and have the sparks that fly off land in your tinder.

Mirror or Glass

On a sunny day have the mirror or glass reflect the sun-rays at your tinder will eventually give your dry tinder a spark.





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