Best Southern California Cliff Jumping

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hermit falls cliff jump

Hermit Falls

There are a couple different jumps roughly either 40 feet right next to a waterfall or 15 feet in a pool that is slightly above it. There is a nice little deeper pocket to land in if you don’t jump too far, otherwise you might touch the bottom like I did, but make sure to check water depth before jumping. The hike is a couple miles down the canyon through the forest from the parking lot and is $5. Keep an eye out for poison oak on the trail. Spring to early summer is the best time to visit. This does get really busy as a thousand people come through each weekend.

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Rindge Dam

This is the best and most diverse cliff jumping in CA. multiple levels to jump ranging from 15 to 75 feet. The flat concrete ledge is roughly 25 feet high. Rindge Dam includes a natural slide running down from the dam with a 20 foot drop. There is no delegated parking. The closest parking is $10 and roughly a mile and a half before the difficult trek down to the bottom of the dam. The descent starts on the opposite side of the road near a turn in the road. This offers a waterfall, a waterslide, a protruding concrete platform and natural ledges that from a variety of heights. This has the greatest variety of jumps and is probably the best place you will go to.

Rindge Dam Video (download)


matilijia dam cliff jump

Matilija Dam (Ojai)

The concrete slab offers jumps between 20 and 50 feet but is technically illegal to jump but not to swim sooo keep make of that what you want. The good news is nobody hits the bottom. Just make sure not to park where it says no parking and you should be fine but probably not get fined. The water warms up the most during summer. It is a 5 mile hike to the falls. Can be shallow after rain with debris flooding.


Aztec Falls

Stating this upfront, the deepest it gets is only 10 feet in the center and gets shallower on the rest of the outside. The beach is a great spot to hang out and chill. The jumps range in size between 10-50 feet as the sand shelf slowly gets deeper from the water to other edge of the canyon. It’s a 15 minute hike from the PCT. Try to go during summer otherwise if you’re a California native, you’ll probably freeze in the water.

34.276604, -117.127408


Monkey Canyon Jumping

Monkey Canyon

Monkey Canyon has jumps ranging from 20-50 feet where the water is deepest during spring to summer but check the depth cuz it gets worse later. The surrounding area is kind of gross so don’t catch anything.

34.309118, -118.113187

Devils Punchbowl Cliff Jump

Devil’s Punchbowl

There are a few different places to jump along the north side of the water. Some of the jumps go up to 25 feet. This is a 3-mile hike down; make sure that when there is a three-pronged split to continue on the middle route. Check the depth before jumping cuz I routinely touch the bottom, which is usually fine, but there are a few big rocks at the bottom. The waterfall is really cool and fun to rock climb up the side. Also there is part of a rope swing. The condition may have deteriorated by the time you read this. Mountain bikes is definitely the best way to travel this trail.

Cliff Jump Devil’s Punchbowl Video (Download)

32.989634, -116.730636

three sisters falls

Three Sister’s Falls

The water at it’s deepest on a good day maybe is 4 feet. People have done the jump of about 10 feet. The better perspective to have here is for the water to be a nice way to cool off after a hike than a great place to jump. The three tiered waterfalls are cool though.

32.97103, -116.68832


Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs is about a 20 foot jump into the ocean. The La Jolla jump is technically illegal now and there is the possibility of ticket citations.




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