Best Rock Climbing in Los Angeles

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Malibu Creek Routes


This offers limitless of routes of varying heights. It’s in a great location. The composition of the rock is primarily volcanic. Nice for TR, bouldering and severely overhung sport routes abound. Even bouldering from the swimming hole, great on hot days. Check out the beach or some cliff jumping while you’re in the area. It’s an awesome day!

34.09621, -118.73266

Point Dume

Southern California Beaches

Literally right on the beach. In the sand. Right by the waves. This has two faces that can be climbed. The West Wall has 5 different sport routes between 5.6 and 5.9. The South Wall has two 5.9-5.10 sport routes. A great beach to go to for a unique twist on the classic beach day in Southern California. This is solid climbing for beginner to intermediate top rope climbers. It’s better to fall onto sand than huge slabs of granite below.

34.00164, -118.80862

Griffith Park

Rock Climbing Photo: Topo


Yes. This is located right in Griffith Park. The climbing heights are between 40 and 90 feet on sandstone and range between 5.6 and 5.12.

34.13437, -118.29308

Echo Cliffs


One of the best climbing spots in SoCal in terms of length and steepness. There are roughly 200 sport routes connected to rock. There are over 50 5.10 routes and over 40 5.12 routes. With he huge number of routes, there will be routes for every skill level, but most are in the intermediate range. And its seriously off of PCH.

34.12545, -118.92723

Stoney Point Park

Not only a for rock climbers, this is also a great place for bouldering. While there are still 65 rock-climbing routes, there are twice as many bouldering options. Do not go until for to five days after the rain because the surface is sandstone and it will break off if there is too much pressure put onto it too soon after the rain. There will be options for beginners and advanced in both rock climbing and bouldering and everything in between.

34.27361, -118.60357

Devil’s Punchbowl

devils punchbowl A Guide To Rock Climbing Around Los Angeles

Not to be confused with the Devil’s Punchbowl for cliff jumping in San Diego, this is found in the San Gabriel Mountains. Composed of sandstone, this offers 40 routes for sport climbing and another 10 for traditional climbing with a couple of top rope routes. It’s also a great place to hike, run or scramble over on rocks as well in addition to slab climbing.

34.41389, -117.85862

Vasquez Rocks


There are 30 marked climbs on the sandstone slabs. It is comprised of top roping. The scenery is awesome and has been the backdrop of a ton of different sets. Word on the street is that you can get a permit for more traditional or sport climbing. However, this is unverified. Made up of some really crazy formations.

34.48487, -118.31771




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