Best of Las Vegas Mountain Biking

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Blue Diamond Loop

Blue Diamond Loop is an easy to intermediate trail ride offering a little bit of everything from drops, sand sections, rock gardens, adequate ascents. The trail we recommend is Hurl, while it may be a bit of a climb, the view is worth it at the top. The area puts you into a climb with tight turns and singletrack. The most extreme trail riding is Late Nite which resides on the north side. Park near McGies and ask in side for advice routes and gear.

Courtesy of travelnevada

Courtesy of travelnevada

16 Cottonwood Dr, Blue Diamond, NV 89004

Cottonwood Valley

Cottonwood Valley consists of 140 miles of interconnected singletrack trails. Cottonwood Valley consists of a variety of singletrack XC trails that offer rides for individuals of every skill level. The all encompassing area has countless trails that can last you an infinity to ride. The area is very open where you can see scenery stretching out for miles

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Badger Pass Loop

If you’re out for a ride with the family, visit Badger Pass Loop. The trail is very clearly marked making it easy to follow the right paths without heading out to the boonies. The ascent up is gradual and steady while the rides down can be a little fast paced and fun. The trail is very flowy and honestly everyone regardless of skill level will have fun. Once the trail takes you out under the tunnel to an intersection, follow it left for the 3 mile ride back up.However, trails can span any direction allowing for a variety of rides.

Badger Pass

Courtesy of Caren Vllrmn

36.011073, -115.431689

Cowboy Trails

Full suspension bikes are recommended for this trail. It offers fantastic views of Red Rock. It can be technical due to the rocky and drop sections within the ride, it not quite an extreme route. It does also have switchbacksand exposed edges on this singletrack ride . When the road cuts two different ways, going left will give you a shorter loop and going right will give you a longer more climbing oriented loop. If you can make the route up to the radio towers, you’ll see the whole Las Vegas valley.

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Photo by SNMBA


36.134966, -115.426750

Bootleg Canyon

This alone deserves its own separate section it is so diverse. Sure it does have some trails for beginners, this is characterized by the unbelievable downhill. There are 35 miles of amazing singletrack. Bootleg canyon offers trails with near vertical drops to ridge line riding along the cliff. You can find countless videos on Youtube of Bootleg Canyon. International Mountain Biking Association called this an epic ride. Get a map in town or talk to some bike shop owners so they can pair you on some trails for your skill level.

35.978753, -114.861252 (honestly though there are tons of incredible places to start)

Bear’s Best

Often there is insufficient parking because this place gets packed. This 9 mile ride offers sharp singletrack, rocky sections, as well as smooth trails as well as some technical sections. The most common complaint with this place is lack of signage, however, if you have time and are and intermediate rider, this is worth checking out.



36.110440, -115.329871




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