Avoiding A Shark Attack

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Give Them Some Space

If you’ve ever turned on the TV between Shark Week, and Jaws you would think that every time you hop in the water, you’re going to lose a limb. However, less than 5 people a year die worldwide. In fact, statistically you are more likely to die eating spaghetti and/or win the lottery than you are due to a shark attack. That being said, no one wants to be the statistic. These tips will help you to survive your next encounter with a shark.


Stay Under the Radar

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If you are a surfer or swimmer in a large group, they are less likely to attack due to presenting a more fortified front. Sharks are more likely to pick off the person by themselves where they are more vulnerable. The best sense of a shark is its sense of smell so believe it or not, unfortunately a shark can smell the blood of a women who are ovulating. While their eyesight is not great, they have more acute eyesight for people who are wearing things that sparkle or bright colors. Fish are more easily spotted if they are bright, and the same goes for people.


Keep Your Cool

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Even if you notice a shark, there is a good chance that he has not noticed you. Keep your cool, by not frantically swimming where you will definitely get on his radar. Also, if you’re out at sea, you’re not going to outswim a shark. Experts say that if he starts swimming in circles around you or taking a approach with zig zags, he is trying to find the best way to attack you., that’s when you should get ready for action (see below) But, in the case if he is coming up straight toward you, he is more than likely just curious to check you out before moving on.

Fight off that Shark

At all times you should try to make yourself the least vulnerable as possible meaning to protect all your blind spots. If you can try to put your back against a boat or pier to minimize the angles the shark can come after you from. While logically, you’d think nailing the shark in the nose would be a great way fight him off, it is very difficult to get enough on your swing under water. Attacking the eyes and gills are a much better way to go and they are very tender to the shark. In the case that the shark does get a hold of you, try to go after his eye. Playing dead only makes you shark bait. With some good shots in the eye, sharks often disengage. Because people often hit them where they are sensitive, sharks let people go and will go after something with less fight such as a seal. The shark may be big, menacing, and have a lot of teeth, but by protecting your vulnerabilities and going after his, you can fight off that shark.




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